RBK International is one of the most reliable manufacturer & exporter of Himalayan Salt Tiles from Pakistan.

Himalayan Salt is not only beneficial when consumed or used for cooking related purpose but further researches and studies show the untapped advantages of using it in the surroundings and for home decor.

Manufacturing of Himalayan Salt Tiles:

Using Himalayan Salt tile for Home Decor and in beauty Spas have become the new trend nowadays not only for aesthetics but also due to enormous benefits for health and purifying the air in the atmosphere around. Himalayan Salt therapy also known as Halo-therapy is getting very famous globally as it is being consider as the drug-free alternative for many medical conditions related to various breathing issues like asthma, smoking related symptoms, depression and other skin related issues like eczema and psoriasis.

RBK International has a wide variety of Himalayan Salt Tiles or Blocks that can be used to design different unique and state-of-the-art interior designs for home decor. It can be used to build a wall, fireplace or could also be used in front of any source of light to give a pleasant and subdued source of light that can help produce negative ions, exuberant positive energized and create fresh and healthy in the environment. Salt Rooms also aids in maintaining the temperature and humidity levels in the room creating cosy and comfortable environment for relaxation ideal for spas. Himalayan Salt Cave Spa or Speleotherapy is an ancient method used for treating medical conditions in the sub-continent due to its numerous health benefits.Himalayan Salt helps clear the air from airborne allergens, mold spores, bacteria and viruses. RBK International can assist you in creating the heavenly salt therapy experience you desire anywhere in the world customizing products as per the customers’ need and requirements.

Himalayan Salt Tiles for Home Decor, Spa & Salt Rooms Varieties

Hexagonal Salt Tiles

Himalayan Salt Cooking Tile 2x6x8

One Side Natural Tiles 2x8x8

Square Tile 2x8x8