RBK International is one of the most reliable manufacturer & exporter of Himalayan Salt Pestle & Mortar from Pakistan.

Mortar and Pestle are kitchen tools used from very ancient times to grind herbs and spices keeping intact its natural benefits and taste.


Himalayan Pink Salt Mortar and Pestle is carved from the salt extracted from mines in Pakistan which not only serves the purpose of grinding herbs and shrubs but also add a mild salty flavour to it during the grinding process. These Himalayan Rock Salt Mortar and Pestle are very easy to use and clean adding a nice rustic touch to the flavours of the ingredients. These mortar and pestle are not only pleasant to look but also have benefit of using them instead of any other type of mortar and pestle in comparison.

Himalayan Salt pestle and mortar can serve as an interesting gift idea for someone who is passionate for cooking and collecting unique kitchen tools. It’s ideal for grinding or pounding herbs, spices or other ingredients to add flavor to any dish and also useful for making different types of dips and gravies. RBK International provides the best premium quality of Himalayan Salt Mortar and Pestle along with its other wide variety of Himalayan Salt products throughout the world.

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