Himalayan Rock Salt also known as pink salt from Pakistan’s Himalaya Mountain Ranges is one the purest and healthiest option for cooking.

Himalayan Rock Salt can be used both for cooking and serving various forms of dishes as it maintains temperature for some time period. RBK International is one the most reputable exporter of Himalayan Salt Cooking Tiles from Pakistan having their own manufacturing, processing, packaging and storage facilities and supplying premium quality Himalayan Salt products globally.

Manufacturing of Himalayan Cooking Tiles:

The Himalayan Cooking Tiles can conduct and retain heat for cooking food slowly along with infusing mild salty flavour in different types of food while absorbing minerals during the cooking process. Himalayan Salt Cooking Tile can also be used for freezing or cold serving of salad, desserts or other snacks which tastes best when served cold. These Cooking Tiles or Platers remain cold after being chilled for a few hours in the refrigerator. Serving food on these Cooking Slabs or Tiles gives a more appealing and refreshing look as well as naturally salty taste to the food at the desired temperature which makes the dining experience exquisite.

RBK International acquire the purest and finest quality of Himalayan Salt free from any harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients to manufacture its products, shipping to all the major continents catering to various clients’ requirements.Himalayan Cooking Tiles from Pakistan are free from any chemicals, preservatives or additives that can be harmful for health. These Cooking Tiles are shaped or carved in various shapes and sizes that can make the culinary experience more creative and worth-while.Himalayan Salt Cooking Slabs can last for quite long time if used according to the usage instructions and suggestions for its usage, care and cleaning to get the most value for money.

Himalayan Salt Cooking Tiles Varieties

Himalayan Salt Cooking Tile 1.5x4x8

Himalayan Salt Cooking Tile 1x4x8

Himalayan Salt Cooking Tile 2x6x8

Himalayan Salt Round Tile 2x8x8

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