RBK International is one of the most reliable exporter of Himalayan Bath Salt and other Beauty Products from Pakistan.

Having pure Himalayan Salts extracted directly from the salt mines in Pakistan. Himalayan Salt is full of many beneficial minerals and health benefits when used on skin.

Benefits of Bath Salt:

Himalayan Salt Bath can help maintain the hydration level in the skin while extracting harmful toxins from the body at the same time without drying out the skin. Using it in pedicures as Himalayan Salt Foot Bath will not only help get rid of the dead skin on the foot gently but will also help relax the muscles and get rid of tiredness from any hectic day of work. Himalayan Salt Bath will infuse the skin with vital minerals such as Potassium, Iron, Magnesium and Sodium which are not available in their natural form in any of the artificially manufactured beauty product. It is better as compared to Epsomsalt bath as it also has Sodium. 

Natural & Chemical Free:

As it is a completely natural product free from any harmful chemicals, it will not irritate people with sensitive skin rather proves to be very good for various skin ailments as well. RBK International exports Himalayan Bath Salts and Beauty Products to all the major destinations in the world and these products can also be customized in terms of labelling and packaging as per needed.

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